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    Xeno Deca 250

    Manufacturer: Xeno Laboratories
    Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate
    Pack: 10 ml vial (250 mg/ml)
    Common dosage: 250-500mg/week


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    Buy Xeno Deca 250

    Xeno Deca 250 is a popular injectable anabolic/androgenic steroid for muscle growth and for for bulking steroids cycles as well as strength.

    Xeno Deca 250 is made by Xeno Laboratories and at this moment it i sold in vials and the strength is 250mg/ml, active substance is Nandrolone Decanoate.

    Since it is long acting ester it means it is felt fully after a few weeks of administration. Usually it is used in 10-12 weeks cycles.

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    Xeno Deca 250 Steroid Cycle

    Xeno Deca 250 is used in 10-12 weeks cycles stacked with some oral steroid or other injectable steroid.

    One of the most poular stacks is:


    1-10 Xeno Deca 250 @1ml/week

    1-12 Testosterone Cypionate/or Enanthate @2ml/week

    PCT with Clomid will start on week 15

    Xeno Deca 250 Reviews

    "Huge gains mass and strength! No pip."

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    If you have any questions on how to cycle Xeno Deca 250 click here: how to cycle Deca 250

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  • Reviews

    • Jun 18, 2022 (01:20) how this works in relation to joints? is it a treatment or more of water retention and that is why you dont feel pain?
    • Apr 8, 2022 (03:48) to treat joints better to use hgh
    • Apr 1, 2022 (15:23) My joints feel a lot better however I know that Deca wont treat joints but more like masks the pain so be carefull with adding more weigth, always warm up.
    • Mar 29, 2022 (13:23) This is the way to go for most of us:
      1-10 Xeno Deca 250 @1ml/week

      1-12 Testosterone Cypionate/or Enanthate @2ml/week

      PCT with Clomid will start on week 15

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