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    Xeno Test C 250

    Manufacturer: Xeno Laboratories
    Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
    Pack: 10 ml vial (250 mg/ml)
    Common dosage: 250-500mg/week


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    Buy Xeno Test C 250

    Xeno Test C 250 is a popular injectable anabolic/androgenic steroid for bulking, muscle growth and strength as well as faster recovery and better sex drive :)

    Xeno Test C 250   is made by Xeno Laboratories and is sold in 10ml vials @ 250mg/ml each and its active substance is Testosterone Cypionate.

    Since it is long acting it will take a few weeks until it fully kicks in and you will see something happening :)

    GBN is legit Xeno Laboratories reseller! You can check this on their site.

    Testosterone C Inj Cycle

    As most injectable steroids with long acting esters Testosterone Cypionate is used in 10 -12 weeks cycles stacked with some oral steroid or some other injectable steroid, it can be used alone as well.

    One of the most poular stacks is:


    1-4 Turanabol tabs @40mg/ED

    1-10 Testosterone Cypionate @2ml/week

    PCT with Clomid will start on week 13.

    Testosterone C Reviews

    "I added about 22 lbs with Testosterone Cypionate + Turanabol mix. Great!"

    You can leave your review for Xeno Test C 250 below.

    Do I get discounts if I buy more than 10x or 20x?

    Yes you do, our website will automatically apply a discount if you add to shopping cart more than 10x of one and the same product.

    If you buy more than 30x please write a ticket and we will offer additional discount.

    I do have some specific questions on Xeno Test C 250 where can I get help?

    If you have any questions Xeno Test C 250 click here: how to cycle Xeno Test C 250

  • Reviews

    • Sep 13, 2022 (04:11) This cyp is a good version of testostserone cypionate which was used in 2ml/week for 12 weeks with bold. GBN is the best imho.
    • Apr 8, 2022 (03:53) im not the biggest fan of prop as can sting little and EOD jabs but have run Kalpa Testoxyl Propionate on two occasions one cycle was EOD for 10 weeks with tren a and was probable first cut where got super lean and could not fault it second time was during another cut I was taking test e and tren a but for first 4-5 weeks of cycle I also took kalpa test p loved it this way was running from the get go and felt great from start will be running similar come my summer cycle in couple months will look see if still have any vials for pics often just chuck them when done

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