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    GBNSTORE REVIEWS (messages from our customers)

    Here are some copy paste messages from our customer support department. Believe us or not this is a fact and you can become one of our happy customers!

    • I have received your message and appreciate your swift response. This
      whole process has been very fast! I will definitely review the products
      and the whole gbnstore experience. Everything thus far has been absolutely
    • Thanks again!

    • The reason I chose to return to GBN for so many years has shown that they are on top of everything and with the best of customer care and excellent info pertaining to their products.
      What I like is how professional GBN team is and how they do their best to make sure a customer is taken care of.
      So far GBN is doing an above excellent job with their services. Keep up the outstanding services!

      I decided to start with Kalpa name brand products as they had very good reviews. The results have been amazing. I'm on my 2nd cycle and added a small amount of tbol 200 to my program. Running Test E twice a week total 500mg and 200mg a week of tbol. I am week 10 of 12 and damn my body is hard as a rock. Burnt off almost all of my stomach fat. I'm 45 and have seen abs it over 15 years. That is about to change. Let's keep in mind I'm working out 7 days a week. Only for 1.5 to 2 hours a day. And out of those 7, 2 days are cardio, so only 5 are power lifting. Still, since June 22 to now I have went from 5' 8" 225lbs (Fat ass) to 5'8" 175 lbs ripped as f&&k. I could barely bench 135 lbs on June 22 and this morning I was bounching 205 lbs 12 reps 4 sets. The products you sell are worth ever penny. I just wish I wasn't semi poor and could buy more. I would recommend your website above all others. Thanks to you and everyone in your organization. Its a privilege for me to get my gear from you. Kind Regards
    • Everything has came in properly packaged thank you best customer service hands down

    • I made my payment on June 22, 2021.
      My order status was telling me my order would arrive on July 26.
      Today is July 12 and when I checked my mailbox there was a package in the mailbox. Go inside my home open the yellow bubble envelope and everything I ordered was inside the package. It was a fairly big order. Several items were ordered.
      Packaging was 100% accurate, nothing missing.
      I say BRAVO to GBN business and it's service!
      Thanks Huge Tom.

    • GBN has been my go-to source for a few years now. I’ve never once had an issue with any order. Yes, you do have to wait a little long for shipments but as long as you plan on 3 to 4 weeks (for US), you won’t have any problems. All of my orders have arrived accurately and each product has been high quality. I base this off of experience buying from other sources and getting far less than expected. Huge Tom is very knowledgeable and great to help out with any questions. I highly recommend GBN to anyone looking for a great reliable and high quality source for their needs.

    • Dear huge Tom,  My first order arrive and everything is as expected. Excellent. I have 2 outstanding ordered. If you wish to combine the 2nd and 3rd order that will be fine with me.

    • Hi Huge Tom, Just received my last order it arrived very quickly. Just wanted to email you and let you know HOW VERY HAPPY I am with the way You and GBN Store take care of your customers. You and GBN are a class act and the products you provide are amazing, I will be a customer for a long long time. I truly appreciate the time you take to help me. A. M.|
    • thank you Tom.. Good looking at bro.. you are really professional and have
      been very helpful over the years and that's exactly why I've stayed with
      your company..
      Now I will go ahead and wire the money for my new order.. again thank you
      for your help .have a great weekend
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    • Your service has been absolutely above average Huge Tom! Everything you do for customers is spot on! Of course I can only speak for myself but don't doubt it's the same for all. Anytime you need a survey let me know, I realize I'm not out there on all the forums but any word I can spread I'll be happy to GBN without a doubt kicks ass! Sincerely thank you
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      Have a good day
    • Huge Tom,
      Thanks for your prompt response to my question. This site has been awesome! you guys do excellent business and you have great customer service.
      Thanks again,
    • =========================
    • You are going way above and beyond on the customer service, huge tom. No need for the discount on my next order. :-) The package came in yesterday, and I was away from the internet. Either way, I really appreciate the work youve done to make this a great experience. Brandon.

    • =========================
    • Man you are the freaking best! By far the best customer service i have ever experienced in my life!
      Thanks again for your patience with me, and getting the money thing situated. You are the best!

    • =========================
    • I received the large package and everything was of the highest quality, both the other are in transit I'll let you know when they arrive. You guys have been great to do business with and will be getting a lot more from my friends and I. Couldn't be happier with the product, response time and just overall quality of you business. Thank You

    • =========================
    • Tom, thank you so much !!! You and gbn are truly the best!!! I was not mad at all, because I knew you and gbn would take care of me.. As soon as that package is received, I will be placing another order. Your customer for life Ronald Brasseur.

    • =========================
    • I just wanted to say thank you. It feels good knowing that i am in good hands with you.
      Thanks HUGE Tom, one again, you are the fucking man. I will be placing my pctorder with you in less than 2 weeks when i get paid again.
    • =========================
    • Huge Tom, I'm ur huge fan from now on, package received and well packed, ur the bomb
    • =========================
    • Every transaction performed with your company has surpassed my satisfaction. You have been incredibly prompt when dealing with my orders and sending me your products. I will for sure be a long-term customer if this excellent customer service continues. Thank you
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    • Hey huge tom! Im currently running the first steriod cycle of test e. And its going amazingly.Granted im only on week 4, but ive put on some lbs and increased
      my strength alot. Others have already commented. Im beyond happy. Thank you for a great first experience, I will be a return customer!
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    • Thank you very much for your excellent service. Keep up the good work
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    • Thank you so much for all your efforts - you are the best! Businesses of all types could learn a lot from you about customer service.
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    • I gotta give it to you, you run one of the most professional business of this type I have seen!
    • =========================
    • thanks for the info, you guys are making a customer for life with this level of support/communication. EXCELLENT!!!
    • =========================


    • I appreciate your site, everything been legitimate and on time. Keep up the great work!!! :D -Regards Stephen
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    • Hi there, i have now received my order...thanks very much....it took a while but i think this was a combination of a few things one being the weather in the uk an the postal backlog.....thanks again and i will be ordering again soon.
    • =========================


    • Thanks, I see it was shipped. I am very excited to try out these products! Very good communications, looking forward to ordering again!
    • =========================


    • By the way you guys have an awesome cumstomer support. I will be buying from you again in September...

    • =========================
    • I cannot say enough about these guys
      Truly: the communication, tracking numbers, delivery dates, and oh by the way, last order....came a day earlier then I was told.
      Tell me the last time that happened to someone, anyone
    • =========================

    • GBN has my business and I have no problem recommending them to anyone.
      People in this game are either riff raff or professional
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    • GbnStore.com is definitely at the top of the food chain for professionalism!
    • I have been in the game for a while. From mail order to private sources I have dealt with them all. I do believe a great private source is great for small basic needs to we all need to branch out once in a while with many different areas. GBNstore is one that has anything you need with many different suppliers you can get anything from ancillaries to gear to whatever your needs might be. The order process is top security and smooth is butter. If you decide to go through this one you will find out that they take measures to make everything safe for both ends. I check referrals before I order from anyone and this one was checked to the tip. My order went smooth and I received when they said I would. With online stores the wait can be longer and I cant go into specifics but you must understand that it has to be this way sometimes. Private sources can be a 3 day to 2 week TA while online stores can be 2-4 weeks. My order TA was super fast with GBNstore and I will never use another public source other than this one when I need something. Definitely my normal domestic source now. They have top quality brand name gear and other items you can trust. With GBNstore theres no need at all to have to check and see if your gear is real or fake. If you order from GBNstore you get high quality gear and that in my book is priceless!
    • =========================

    • Thanks GBNstore and great job Huge Tom!
    • it was a pleasure doing bussiness with your organization and plan to use you guys in the future, you guys responded in a great amount of time and got my package here in a reasonably amount of time as well, thank you guys for everything.
    • =========================

    • I can also vouch for Tom & GBN. I am on my fourth order and never had a problem. I had one package that was lost and GBN responded quickly and took care of a reship @ no charge. I don't know what they did but that reship came in about a week which is impressive as I am in the US. The ticket system is excellent and GBN constantly has all the needed and most popular products IN STOCK while others are out and/or their site is down.
    • =========================

    • Tom is also quick to reply with PM's here on HM.
      I heard they were the best...I put them to the test...I don't need to go to the rest!
    • =========================

    • GBN for life!
    • Awsome, thanks for all you advise and support. I'll take a look. I've been using that gauge of pin. You and your site are exactly what I've been looking for. I'll place order today.

    • =========================
    • Huge Tom - I thank you,for personally emailing me back as to ensuring me that I should have no worries with doing business with you all... And that the glitch was handled by you. This email shows me the professionalism and customer care your business has that can never be second to none. I have reviewed my order and see that it is spot on, thank you. I plan on paying today. Very excited and anxious to receive my order and get started. I will be documenting (photos,log,gains) over the next 12 wks - imagining the body I have always wanted to achieve-- and at 42 - 6'4" @220... The time is now! ;) better late than never right?
      > If the rest of this transaction goes as flawlessly and handled with the 5 star service for which you have provided so far.... I can promise you this ... Many more years of ordering as well as generating you more dedicated customers...( I have at least 6 ready to order from you...their just waiting to see the outcome of MY first order placed)....
      > No worries my friend, they are aware of the A++ service you have already demonstrated.....

    • =========================
    • Good morning I was curious to see it you could send me more information on time arrival. Patiently awaiting arrival. Thank you for the continued top notch support and supply. You are definately appreciated.

    • =========================
    • Man your the best! Thanks for all your hard work I look forward to my next cycle in September. Hope your summer goes great!

    • =========================
    • Package received. Everything looks great. Very impressed with customer service and discreet shipping. Thanks again for everything. Customer for life!

    • =========================
    • Sorry to open a ticket but I really wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. i will be a return customer. Very pleased with your service. Thanks again!

    • =========================
    • Huge Tom first let me start by saying you are the most professional and time courteous person I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with I am anxious to get started and to receive my package!!

    • =========================
    • I'm HIGHLY impressed with GBNStore. The communication between Huge Tom and I was better than I expected. The shipping was incredibly fast, and much better / faster / more discreet than expected. I will say here, just as I have told Tom himself, I look forward to PLENTY more business between mysellf and GBNStore in the future. As a matter of fact I recieved my first order today, and as I write this review, I am gathering, and am placing my second order. I couldn't see myself using anyone else!!

    • =========================
    • Huge Tom is really awesome. This was my second order from them, and they have really earned a lifer for a client from me. I feel like I am ordering from Amazon the way they are so professional and quick to respond and ship!
    • =========================

    • Anyway still questioning to order or not to order ...... stop reading reviews and put your order in!
    • Tom I received your goods on Dec 2nd. Thank you very much for your integrity and professionalism. I am going to be ordering much more every 2 weeks. I have others I am leading to you.

    • =========================
    • You guys are the best! I'll write the BEST reviews about you and tell all my friends about you. Thanks again for being the best website with the best customer service ever!

    • =========================
    • Yes i know, but your Service is perfect, your products arme fucking good! I love your store and your work! I think we will Do a Lot of business in the future! Greets, Thomas

    • =========================
    • You clearly understand how to put people at ease. Your response was better than I could've imagined. I have received the first package and it was packaged very professionaly!
      You guys run a very professional site, with attention to customer detail. To get my message across here without taking up anymore of your time, I will just say you have a customer for life!! Probably many more as I reference you to long time good friends.
      Thank you so much! Brian

    • =========================
    • Hey Tom, its been a bit since my last order from you and I have to say the Kalpa stuff is the best test I have used as i have used other peoples brands and your Kalpa was the best. I believe the Tren will be the best also.

    • =========================
    • Thank you so much for what you do , you make a difference in peoples life. I send my blessing to you and your family!!!

    • My experience with Huge Tom and GBN is superb top notch service every time I order thanx for everything I look forward to our continued partnership.

    • =========================
    • Hi Huge Tom,
      I just wanted to let you know i received the re-shipped order and everything is accounted for. I also wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service throughout the entire process. I intend to write a positive review of my experience on the message boards and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

    • =========================
    • I'm on week 6 and everything has been great....on a scale of 1-5.... You guys are a "10".... Already planning my next cycle after a break....thanks

    • =========================
    • GBN is 5 out of 5 brutha!! You guys are always on point. And if there happens to be any kinks Huge Tom gets them ed out very quickly. The best in the business in my opinion!

    • =========================

    • Wow man, im only a week and a half into this cycle im only injecting 250 test e and 200 tren e once a week, and taking 12.5 mg exhemestane daily... crazy ass dreams from the start, night sweats, those are the downers but... 11 days ive gained 13 pounds already, big time strength gains, im horny as fuck all the time, i mean i was working out hard before i started but now im pushing weights to the point of nearly tearing muscles, ive done squats twice since i started...for instance my entire life i can barely walk for 5 days after doing squats, in this stuff...3 days later im just like new..oily skin is one side for me but im prone to that...im tanning so the pimples are at a minimum so far..this is good stuff, and it showed up 2 weeks before the estimated arrival, my box was locked and mailman couldnt deliver, of course after expected date i was emailing huge tom, he always replied promptly and even offered to re ship for free, come to find out my package had been sitting at post office for 2 weeks, unbelievable, anyways great product and great customer service, Thanks Huge Tom and GBN team

    • Dear Tom, I only need one of the orders, I believe I made a duplicate by mistake. Thank you for your fast and friendly service and response to my questions. I appreciate you and your team! Thanks, Jake

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