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      Simplicity of navigation
      Design/pleasure of perception
      Ordering process
      Some products have wrong descriptions, ex) viagra 200 has in its description ‘cialis’. Some of your products are out of stock more often than not. Don’t be afraid to stock up. This allows customers to make all their purchases at once. Since the process of payment is a little cumbersome, make it worth their time by allowing them to get all the products they need at once, by making sure your inventory is stocked. Look into ‘Venmo’ app for payment option. It can be to your collectors that then give it to you for payment.

      Customer Support

      Your customer service is superb and is the leading reason for my loyal continued business. Your products are always effective and what is shown. I feel comfortable, and safe with this company and that is something that I love. I love that you even take time to give full instructions for product use.


      Shipping Speed
      Obviously the speed is dictated by distance, so I cannot honestly complain about it. Your packaging is great. The products always get threw, are safely secured, and are discreet.


      Everything works as advertised. I only order kapa pharma if possible because they seem like the most professional brand, so investing in them is smart.