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      Simplicity of navigation
      Design/pleasure of perception
      Ordering process
      Sometimes my tickets disappear when I hit update and I have to re-write them.

      Customer Support

      You guys are by far the best customer service providers I have ever dealt with. I have never been not taken care of (WELL BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS). This company is the only company is the only company I use and it's your customer service that keeps me coming back. GREAT JOB!


      Shipping Speed
      Every package with the exception of my last order has been good. I have had a missing item once or twice but it was always shipped immediately and even given a few samples free. MY ONLY SUGGESTIONS: On this last order I ordered ten bottles of test and for some reason they were not shrink wrapped all together so the bounced around in the package and one busted. Which in turn covered everything in oil.


      Your products are the best I have used. You Kelpa is by far the company I use the most. However, I have had issues with the Dragon Cyp 250. I used it and my levels testosterone levels actually began to drop. I may have gotten a bad batch, but I will not use dragon again.