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    Test Prop + Winstrol Cutting Stack

    10 weeks summer cycle. Start this cycle in April or May.

    285.60 USD


    10 weeks summer cycle.


    10 weeks summer cycle made of testosterone propionate and oral winstrol

    WEEKS 1-10 : Testosterone Propionate 100mg Every Other Day (100mg =1ml)

    WEEKS 5-10 :  Winstrol tabs 40-50mg Every Day  

    PCT and Syringes included.

    Diet and training plays important roles here so do not neglect these two moments.

    During these 10 weeks we recommend switching to a special workout regimen.

    For our customers we will send it for free. Contact us after order is paid.

    2ml syringes with needles
    clomid (fertomid)
    test prop
    winstrol tabs

  • Reviews

    • Jan 23, 2023 (07:41) I purchased this and it was here fast, a week earlier than expected. Product assistance and customer service were great as always. Check me out on hypermuscles.com I'm doing a full before and after with a complete log. I don't know why anyone would get their gear anywhere else.
    • Apr 12, 2022 (09:50) I have been a member of this great company for over 10 Years!!! GBN and Huge Tom are the best! Easy. Fast and great customer service !!!!!
    • Jun 23, 2020 (21:54) When will this be back in stock
    • Apr 30, 2018 (16:30) Please send me the work- out recommended.
    • Mar 28, 2018 (16:08) When will it be back in stock?
    • Mar 28, 2018 (16:07) Do you have this in stock?
    • Jan 22, 2018 (11:06) I used this last summer, worked great, thank guys.

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