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    MANUFACTURER: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
    GOAL: Bulking
    TYPE: Tabs
    ACTIVE INGREDIENT: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
    STRENGTH: 10mg/tab
    AMOUNT: 100 tabs

    54.08 USD


    Buy Turanaxyl Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

    Turanaxyl Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is an oral androgenic/anabolic steroid for muscle mass, strength and quality muscles building. Its active substance is Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone.

    Shortly, Turanabol is better version of Dbol. Better in terms of less water retention if that is your goal.

    If you are interested in bulking and strength gains consider this oral steroid from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.

    The Turanaxyl from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals comes in oral form and may be a solution for bulking and strength steroid cycles where base product will be some injectable testosterone, like testosterone enanthate or cypionate.

    Turanaxyl is an oral anabolic/androgenic steroid which can be used in first steroid cycles as well but not longer than 4 weeks.

    GBN is legit Kalpa Pharmaceuticals supplier. You can check this on Kalpa Pharma site (kalpapharmaceuticals.com) Buying from GBN means you get real product.

    Please read GBN reviews on trustpilot and any other websites, we are verified supplier for different pharmaceutical manufacturers with good reputation.

    Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Turanaxyl Steroid Cycle

    Turanabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone )may be used solo in 2 weeks for strength increase however this is not best idea if you want to grow in muscles mass.

    Turanabol can be stacked with some injeectable steroids like Testosterone in a bulking/strength steroid cycle.

    One of the most poular stack is:


    1-4 Turanaxyl - 40mg/day

    1-10 Testosterone Cypionate (can be Enanthate) - 2ml/week

    PCT with Clomid will start 2 weeks after last injection.

    Below is PCT schedule with Clomid.

    Day 1 – Clomid 100mg
    Day 2 - Clomid 100mg
    Following 20 days – Clomid 50mg
    *If needed you can take it for 5-7 days more at 25mg/day dosage.
    TABS are taken with food.

    Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Reviews

    I have been using Kalpa products from GBN Store for the last few years, I have been training and using gear for the last 25 years, I can honestly say that Kalpa is one of the best labs around, I have used most of the Kalpa products and have had good to excellent results from all that I have used. One of my favourite products is Sustaxyl (Sustanon) Sustanon has always been one of my goto steroids, Kalpa Sus is almost as good as the original Organon Sustanon 250(it even smells the same!) As I said, I have used most of the Kalpa products over the last few years and cannot recommend them highly enough, Great gear and great service from GB.

    I have and will only use the Kalpa products. They are the ones I found to be the best and give the best gains. My cycle of Kalpa Cutalyx with 1cc EOD and will tell you huge gains in strength and muscle gain. I will only buy from GBNstore as I always get my order and never have issues of any kind with service or product. If you just buy from him once you will always buy from him. Thank you GBN !

    You can leave your review for Kalpa Turanabol right on this page.

    Do I get discounts if I buy more than 10x or 20x?

    Yes you do, our website will automatically apply a discount if you add to shopping cart more than 10x of one and the same product. However if there are any specific situations we are always open to discuss.

    Why there are different photos of Turanabol?

    Because Kalpa Pharma changed(and still may change depending on when you will read this) package and labels a little bit over the years so we want you to know that there may be different version of it.

  • Reviews

    • Oct 17, 2023 (06:43) Huge Tom and GBN are always incredibly helpful, knowledgable and willing to help the customer. Excellent products and amazing customer service make GBN the best in the business.
    • Jun 12, 2023 (21:26) GBN helped me build muscles.
    • Feb 19, 2023 (04:42) I like doing biz with gbn, thanks team.
    • Jan 4, 2023 (02:51) I decided to start with Kalpa name brand products as they had very good reviews. The results have been amazing. I'm on my 2nd cycle and added a small amount of tbol 200 to my program. Running Test E twice a week total 500mg and 200mg a week of tbol. I am week 10 of 12 and damn my body is hard as a rock. Burnt off almost all of my stomach fat. I'm 45 and have seen abs it over 15 years. That is about to change. Let's keep in mind I'm working out 7 days a week. Only for 1.5 to 2 hours a day. And out of those 7, 2 days are cardio, so only 5 are power lifting. Still, since June 22 to now I have went from 5' 8" 225lbs (Fat ass) to 5'8" 175 lbs ripped as f&&k. I could barely bench 135 lbs on June 22 and this morning I was bounching 205 lbs 12 reps 4 sets. The products you sell are worth ever penny. I just wish I wasn't semi poor and could buy more. I would recommend your website above all others. Thanks to you and everyone in your organization. Its a privilege for me to get my gear from you. Kind Regards
    • Oct 23, 2022 (05:04) why do you consider this better than dbo? due to less water retention?
    • Apr 12, 2022 (09:16) Tom is also quick to reply with PM's here on HM.
      I heard they were the best...I put them to the test...I don't need to go to the rest!
    • Nov 29, 2021 (04:35) I used both Turan and Dbol and it seems that Turan gives less water retention.
    • Jun 17, 2021 (08:28) IMHO, Kalpa is the best, I used them already a few times and can 100% say this brand is what it says, I got results on each cycle + I checked their site and they are one of a few who did Lab tests, check here: http://kalpapharmaceuticals.com/reports
    • Oct 4, 2019 (03:25) Please give me an advice, I am working out naturally 4 years, looking for my first steroid cycle, from what I read testosterone enanthate for 12 weeks at 2ml.week is the way to go + PCT. What do you think about this cycle as first one for someone who worked out for 4 years naurally?
    • Jun 13, 2019 (02:50) will turanaxyl retain less water than dbol?
    • Jul 26, 2018 (16:59) Looking to cycle for second time. I was thinking of test e 3ml a week and 50 mg dbol a day 42 days. Would this be okay to stack or should I keep it minimal since only second time cycling? Thanks!
    • Dec 18, 2017 (13:04) Thank you for suggesting this Tom, Kalpa Turanaxyl is my favorite.
    • Oct 26, 2017 (00:54) I’ve used this in combination with test and sust. Both times I was surprised on how fast the strength came and how muscle hardness was so apparent
    • Oct 12, 2017 (14:00) Thank you for great customer support.
    • Oct 12, 2017 (13:55) Got this together with my Test C Kalpa stack. Worked as expected felt it on 4th day of the cycle. Safely packed and pretty good t/a. 10x gbn.
    • Feb 26, 2017 (19:22) Never exceed 50mg/day.
    • Jul 16, 2015 (23:45) Is this in stock? I read it was used for cutting and lean mass gains.
    • Jan 14, 2015 (06:53) When will this be back in stock!! Thanks for the info
    • Jan 14, 2015 (06:53) When will this be back in stock? Thanks for the info
    • Aug 29, 2014 (12:14) once i used this in combination with dbol both at 20mg/day so a total of 40mg/day stacked with testoxyl, man that was a BOMB!
    • Jan 13, 2014 (13:16) Used it upto 50 mg a day,do yourself a favour and take 10mg at a time about 45 mins after food,gains noticeable after first 2 weeks,great first course
    • Dec 26, 2013 (12:56) I like it because of less water retention in comparison with dianoxyl.
    • Feb 12, 2013 (22:28) I used it as a kick start for first 4 weeks at 40mg/day, amazing job!

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