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    Sustanon Cycle

    This is a 10 weeks sustanon steroid cycle.

    It includes 2 vials of Kalpa's Sustanon + Clomid for PCT.

    162.00 USD


    Sustanon Cycle

    This is sustanon cycle with SIMILAR PRODUCT from KALPA.

    Their trade name for Sustanon is Sustaxyl. Why 350? Becuase it contains in total 350mg/ml of four different esters of testosterones.

    Sustaxyl 350 represents a blend of 4 different esters of testosterones: Testosterone Decanoate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Isocaproate.

    Due to the fact that each of 4 testosterones posses different time release, Sustaxyl 350 is considered to have long term impact on blood levels, thus less injections are required. Usually most athletes injects it twice per week.

    Sustanon Dosage


    1-10 Sustaxyl 2ml/week (better to inject 1ml on Monday and 1ml on Thursday)

    12-15 PCT with Clomid
    Day 1 – Clomid 100mg
    Day 2 - Clomid 100mg
    Following 20 days – Clomid 50mg
    *If needed you can take it for 5-7 days more at 25mg/day dosage.
    TABS are taken with food.

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    • Jan 15, 2023 (21:17) Hey Tom, Do you still have this in stock?
    • Jan 15, 2023 (21:03) Do you still have this in stock?
    • Jan 11, 2023 (04:59) I was waiting for this one because each time I needed to add each product separately by hand :) Happy new year Gbn.

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