Questions & Answers with Huge Tom - (part 6) - What to use for first cutting cycle and main difference between oral and injections?

QUESTION: I've been working out for about 5yrs not but I feel like I hit my plateau. I'm stocky w/about 18% body fat. my goal is one day 12% I just want to be 180-190 shredded. I've been doing the intermittent fasting and have seen some results, losing weight little more muscle definition but the body fat around my waist is still there and I feel like im not getting anywhere. plus I have a lot of wear and tear on my joints especially my torn ACL. What do you recommend to achieve my goals preferably oral I'm not too comfortable to with the injections, but can u tell me the pros and cons to both?


Hello, I am Tom and will be happy to help you in your bodybuilding journey. At least you did 5 years of working out which is great and correct.

I see guys 2 days in gym and they want gear :) not wise approach..

I will do my best to help you get closer to your bodybuilding goals so to answer your main question regarding differences.
1. tabs - put stress on liver
2. injectiosn - dont put stress on liver

Sure there are other differences but this is first which comes to mind when we have to choose.

Surely with injectable products we get better results.

So far if you want to get a more defined look I would do next things
1. switch to a cutting workout made of super-sets, if you want one let me know and I will send you.
2. add some BCAA and Multivitamins, these always help a little
3. as far as cycle there are really many options but if you want to give a try to oral I would suggest Anavar or Winstrol.
Both are good for cutting but since winstrol somehow put stress on joints in your situation it is excluded so only Anavar remains.
5 weeks at 50mg/day will give you taste of how gear works for YOU.

Main rules with tabs is to NOT use them longer than 5-6 weeks (see p1.)

Oh yes there is one product which puts less stress on liver and that is Oral Primobolan but man it costs a lot and usually when used alone wont give you the effect you expect when you calculate how much you paid :)

So go with Anavar.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.


Warmest regards,

Huge Tom