First Steroid Cycle Questions


Im new to steroids but not weight training& gym. I am xxxx ft tall, xxxxxx lbs, and xxxxxx yrs old. I want to do my first steroid cycle to get  gains and if possible to keep my agility and endurance. I want to stack dbol with something and need directions on blocking estrogen and keeping my balls lookin nice n manly. Thanks for any answer!


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I am Tom and will be happy to help.

For first cycle you can stack dbol with testosterone cypionate or enanthate (consider both the same, in real life rarely who notice any difference).
So dbol is used for first 4-5 weeks as a kickstart until testosterone cypionate or enanthate fully kicks in (which happens arounn weeks 5-6)

To avoid estrogen related side effects have a pack of Aromaxyl or Arimixyl on hand just in case you feel gyno signs, you may not need them, it depends on each individual.

Balls will get small on cycle anyway and you can not avoid that, during cycle your body stops producing testosterone because you get it from outside via injections.

In order to get balls and testosterone production back we use after cycle Clomid.


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