Q and A with Huge Tom, PART 4 - First Steroid Cycle for Healthy Person

Hello Huge Tom, I am 29 years and have been training for 6 years naturally, I think I reached my maximum what I can naturally, I am thinking about my first steroid cycle. I have been navigating your site and forum and found lots of info.
I was thinking about testosterone and deca and dbol stack. My budget is around $350. What are your recommendations? Thank you for your time. J.


Hey man, welcome to GBN - the place where customer is the king, I am Tom and I will help you.

Actually I can help you build a personalized cycle according to your stats, goal and budget.

So $350 is more than enough for first cycle.

I will underline the important of hard training, clean nutrition and enough sleep.

So as a first cycle the good stack would be testoterone enanthate and dianabol where testosterone will be used for 12 weeks and dianobol for first 4-5 weeks, PCT with clomid after cycle is a must.

No need to add anything else to your first cycle, spend money wise.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Huge Tom