Oxandroxyl: Anavar Profile

Oxandroxyl: Anavar Profile

- doses for a male can run from 20mgs all the way to 100mgs a day, for females doses can be ran from 2.5mgs to 20mgs everyday

- Normally stacked with any cutting compounds like Primobolan, winstrol, EQ, Halotestin

- Anavar can be ran anywhere from 6-10 weeks, but liver/kidney protectants is highly recommended

- Anavar can cause nausea and for some can make them lethargic

- this compound can increase AST, SGOT, ALT and SGPT

- this compound should not be ran if you have been diagnosed with heart disease such as chest pain, heart attack and heart failure or strokes or blood clots

- those with liver/kidney issues should stay clear of this compound as it can affect these organs

- for most a moderate dose can produce great gains in strength

- for females high doses can cause unwanted sides such as deepening of the voice, facial hair and acne

- milligram for milligram some will say it is stronger then anadrol50

- Great for muscle hardening, strength and to increase definition

- Anavar can aid with fat loss but diet and training
is on key

- Gains from this compound is very keepable, but do not expect huge mass gains

- Anavar does not aromatize or convert to DHT, and has an 8 hour half-life