Bacteriostatic Water vs. Sterile Water for mixing HCG

In order to get needed concentration and dosage of HCG we need to mix it and we always do this with bacteriostatitc water and that is what I recommend too. However often I get questions if sterile water can be used and what is the difference between these two.

Here is my answer.

Sterile Water does not contain any bacteriostatic or antimicrobial agents which means it CAN NOT be used for dissolving a solution and use it multiple times. Sterile Water is suitable only for cases when you need just ONE TIME injection. Ok?

Bacteriostatic Water has added a preservative named benzyl alcohol which is added to prolonge shelf life of the product and prevent bacteria growth in the water so this way the solution can be reused for up to twenty eight days. (28 days is maximum).

So with Bacteriostatic Water you will avoid possibility of getting infection and can use the solution for up to 28 days.

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