Worst Foods for Your Heart

Your heart is not something to joke so be serious about.

Here is a list I found on web with foods which has a negative effect on heart.

Avoid them as much as possible.

1. Processed Meat - hot dogs, bacon, sausage and deli meats are made with loads of sodium and preservatives, often including nitrates and nitrites, both of which have been linked to heart problems.

2. Alfredo Sauce - when you consider that the ingredients in this heavy sauce are butter, cream and cheese, it's easy to see why serving up this pasta dish would pose saturated fat problems -- especially if you're dining out where sauce is ladled over piles of noodles.

3. Fried Foods - No much talking here however if you are huge fan of fried foods at least prepare them with olive oil.

4. Soda - because of sugar it contains and we know sugar's effect on on insulin, has a lot to do with the development of artherosclerosis. Diet soda by the way is not much better.

Keep in mind that any fast food loaded with saturated fat, trans fat, sugar or sodium are not beneficial for heart.

I wish you good luck and strong heart.

Huge Tom