Why clenbuterol may cause sleepiness for some people and no side-effects?

Why clenbuterol may cause sleepiness for some people and no side-effects or even not work at all?

By Huge Tom

Clenbuterol (Clenbuterol Hydrochloride) is a weight loss product used for its thermogenic properties.

Clenbuterol increases the body temperature and decrease appetite. It makes an impact on how body fat is used but that does not mean you can eat whatever you want, clean nutrition is still the key to success in fat loss.


1. High dosage in first day.
In an attempt to get faster results people do first mistake by starting with high dosage which is wrong from many points of view. Start with 40mcg and it does not matter if you are male or female.

2. Stacking with other products. Again in an attempt to get faster results people will add there T3, T4 or other stimulants. STOP IT. If that is your first clen cycle you must see how YOUR body will react to it. Once you have a few cycles under your belt and see how it works you can experiencing but not at the beginning. You dont want to get some side-effects and then wondering what of the products you use caused it, right?

3. Nutrition is not important for me because I take clen. Well you may think so but the reality is that what you eat is how you look and if you dont start you day with a glass of water and then eat regularly a few times per day in small portions of clean nutrition results will be very small. Clen is not a miracle which will convert junk food into good food.

4. Not enough water. Water is more important than you think. If you dont drink 2,5 liters per day you will have no energy you will have sleepiness effect and no clean effect on body, now add there the fact that clen makes you sweat which will cause even more water to be out of your body and it needs to be replaced where do you think it will come from if you dont drink it?


1. Why clenbuterol make me want to sleep?

Here may be a few causes:
- Overstimulation of Central Nervous System which makes body take protective measures.
- Too many other stimulants used, even too many cups of coffee can have this effect.
- Not enough carbs, may be you cutted too much carbs from beginning, suddenly. You need to do it slowly so body will have time to adjust to new regimen.
- Overtraining.
- Not enough water drinken during the day. Make a custom to drink 300ml of water in the morning on empty stomach.
- People who have ADHD may get this sleepiness effect. This is not always present however but this may be a factor.
- May be it is just you who react this way to clen, if it works dont change anything.
- There may be other causes but I dont know them at this very moment but be sure none of the above mentioned are present.

2. Why I get cramps while using Clenbuterol?
Clenbuterol depletes taurine levels in the liver.


- Add taurine to your clenbuterol cycle. 3-5 grams/day is enough.
- Drink more water - Eat 1 banana per day

3. I dont get any side-effects from Clen, why?
Among causes I specified in 1st question here I will add one more: If it works (avoid mistakes I wrote at the beginning of article) it means your body tolerate it well and you are one of a few people who react this way. Don't change anything many want to avoid side-effects and still burn fat. Why would that bother you?

4. I did not loose any weight on Clen, why?
- Bad functions of Thyroid Gland. May be you used T3 or T4 before and used them wrong and they affected your thyroid. My advice is to get your thyroid levels in the appropriate range before using clen.
- Adrenal Depletion (if you used clen + many other stimulants)
- Receptor Desensitization
- Overstimulation of Central Nervous System
- Wrong usage regimen. I still think that 2 weeks ON and 2 weeks OFF is the best usage regimen for majority of people.
- You started with high dosage, try to lower it to 40mcg.
- You are just not responsive to clen. Forget about it and do more cardio :)

Thank you everyone who read this and I hope it answered many of your questions.

Please keep in mind that if you pay attention to your body and keep everything in control it will always thank you.

Stay safe and healthy.

Huge Tom

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