Arms blow up workout, part 2

After publishing first part of arms blow up workout we got many requests for second part.

So here it is. New exercises and one new method for working out.

Huge Tom's Blow Up Arms Workout Part 2.

Super set - when you perform two exercises one after another without resting between them.

This article is only about super-sets.

Be sure to dedicate one day apart only for arms workout.

In each set you will choose such a weight to be able to do 12 reps and last two must be hard.

Each exercises is done in 2-3 sets. Ready?

Let's begin!

1. Standing Barbell Curl super-set with Standing Cable Curls
2. Seated Dumbell Curls super-set with Barbell Preacher Curl
3. Hammer Curls super set Reverse Barbell Curl (here you can do a total of 2 sets)

1. Triceps cable push-down super-set with Barbell Close Grip Bench Press
2. Dumbell Lying Triceps Extension super-set with Cable Bent-over Triceps Extension
3. Lever Over Hand Triceps Dip super-set with Triceps Dumbbell kickback
4. Cable Incline Triceps Extension super-set with Weighted Triceps Dip

In part 3 we will discuss how to superset biceps and triceps together. Stay in touch.

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