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Why I like Testosterone Propionate more than Enanthate and Cypionate.

Firstly Testosterone is the king of muscles and strength and must be a part of any steroid cycle. Just to make it clear.

Propionate was and is used by many bodybuilders and not only because this is that testosterone when you feel it after 3rd injection and you dont need to wait about 5 weeks in order to have it kick in as it is the case with enanthate and cypionate versions.

For last 2 years I prefer testosterone propionate vs enanthate and cypionate and here is why:

- it does not retain so much water like those two and as a result you get better muscle quality thus no bloating effect.

- less chances of getting gyno.

- it is felt much quicker.

- it is quickly out of your body if you stop using it.

- you can do short cycles with it.

- can be used in cutting cycles.

- more of a kick ass feel :)

Train -> Analyze -> Adjust.

Warmest regards,

Huge Tom

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